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Simplily Co. & Falcon Keeper


Simplily Co. (Pronounced as SIMP-LI-LEE CO) is a southern California U.S. based boutique manufacturer that specializes in designing practical, well-engineered and cute – always cute – travel bags and accessories for women.

Simplily Co. was started by a female engineer who found a need for cute and functional travel products at a reasonable price. The company is named after her niece, Lily. The name Simplily was formed by a portmanteau of “Simple” and “Lily”.

Simplily Co.’s products anticipate and solve space, organization and weight concerns unique to female travelers.

The growing product line ranges from travel accessories to weekender bags, each streamlined to be lightweight, sturdy and reliable with spacious, logically organized interiors housed in attractive styling.


Falcon keeper is an off-shoot of our most popular Simplily Co. products. We got so much feedback from our customers about how jealous their husbands or boyfriends were, we realized we needed to make our products more male friendly.

We just launched our new brand, Falcon Keeper in Winter 2019 at falconkeepertravel.com.  Once we get trademark registeration completed, we'll be able to register our Amazon store for this new brand. Until then, our Falcon Keeper products can still be found on Amazon and our website in our Falcon Keeper Collection.


Our motto is fashion and functionality. We offer our products in classic styles such as black solid in quilted polyester, black & white cotton and black & white polyester.

Our products are designed primarily for travel but are great for everyday use. 


Making affordable, cute and functional products is our philosophy. We would not sell anything we would not use ourselves and believe in a positive customer experience.

We work tirelessly to make sure every customer is happy. Contact us at info@simplilyco.com.


I had gotten a new roller bag and I really wanted a carry-on that had the trolley sleeve on the back, so that it slides over the roller bag handle and I don’t have to carry it. I came across Simplily Co. and immediately fell in love. Their bags are stylish, sleek, and exceptionally functional. I have most of their line for women now and my top three favorites are the small weekender bag, insulated backpack, and backpack. - San Diego Food Girl Holiday Guide

When I first came across Simplily Co. products on the Internet it was their classy black and white color scheme that first caught my eye. After clicking on a link to discover more about the products – wow! The price! They are actually affordable. And the functionality? They thought of everything! Finally, upon being able to touch and then use them first-hand, I am able to personally attest to their 5-star reviews. - Jen from travelwithaplan.com

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