Simplily Co. Compact Travel Organizer Bag aka Packing Cube

Packing cubes are hot in the travel-accessories world, but not like this. Our Compact Travel Organizer Bag is practically a mini suitcase, and it organizes so much in so little space that you’ll need barely anything other bags for your girls’ weekend, beach escape or romantic getaway.

The Simplily packing cube is just over a foot wide, yet its design is so efficient that it stands in for four separate in-suitcase bags. Designed so that two of our compact organizers can fit side by side inside a standard carry-on rolling luggage.

Let’s say you’re headed out of town for a business meeting, a dreamy escape from the kids, or to visit mom for a spell. Open the Simplily packing cube and put in nearly everything except your bulky clothing. The two-handle, sturdy-yet-soft accessory is so ingenious that it lets you divide whole categories of items – and find them easily. Win!

Simplily Co. Compact Travel Organizer Bag (also known as our packing cube)


Our tester was shocked and thrilled when she realized she could just keep adding to the Simplily packing cube. Opened, it has two spacious areas to accommodate apparel, each with easy-to-use flexible cross straps to hold those items in place when you unzip the bag. Behind those areas, on both sides, are transparent vinyl zipper compartments – with see-through windows to the outside.

To see how using the Simplily packing cube might play out for you, take a tour with our tester. She put scarves in one of the zip-up compartments, underwear in the other. That made them separate and easy to locate, especially since she could see them through those clever windows.

Then she placed light apparel on both sides. In her case, that meant yoga pants, shirt and exercise bra on the right, pajamas and a laundry bag on the left, with socks tucked here and there. That sounds like a lot together with the stuffed see-through pockets, yet the Simplily packing cube is built with compression in mind. It all zipped up neatly and fit easily into a suitcase, taking up way less space than those items would have if tossed in randomly or divided into separate one-dimensional packing cubes, or even gallon plastic bags.

We were able to roll up 3 light sweaters and 1 blouse on one side and two pairs of jeans (up to 3 pairs) on the other side.

Above, our test stacked her items.


Stack items or roll them up - however you pack, the sturdy straps will keep your items in place and make it easy to slip out from under without having to undo all that hard work. See everything when you open it up.

You can use the Simplily packing cube in so many other ways. Since the pockets are leak proof, put make-up in one, sundries in the other. Swap out the exercise wardrobe for leggings, Ts and lightweight summer dresses. The packing cube accommodates four warm-weather outfits with ease. Winter wear will fit if you don’t overpack the side pockets. Our tester got a full heavy outfit on each side. 

Here’s another option: Put all your small wearables into the packing cube. Set aside areas for panties, bras, socks, tights, scarves and such. Save the zipper pockets for papers you want to keep safe yet visible, such as travel confirmations.

Or, skip the women’s wear altogether and use this one-piece wonder as a diaper bag. The waterproof sections are ideal for wipes and lotions, while you can secure diapers under one set of straps, with bibs, towels and clean changes of cute little baby clothes on the other.

Whether you use the Simplily Co. packing cube also known as our Compact Travel Organizer with a traditional suitcase, our 16 inch Large Weekender Bag or our Carry-on UnderSeat Shoulder Bag, you’ll be delighted to be able to pack so many items, and in such a logical way that you won’t stress searching for small items that are often elusive. 

Summary of Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 12.5 inches long x 8.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide
  • Large sized packing cube can keep all belongings organized and secure
  • Interior vinyl pockets for added organization,easy visibility and easy clean up
  • Compression design allows you to fit 2 - 3 outfits (varies depending on clothing)
  • Lay clothing items flat or roll up - our straps will keep your items in place

    Finally, a large sized packing cube large enough to pack clothes and under garments for a quick trip. This packing cube is made with black quilted polyester and vinyl to withstand the toughest travels. The interior vinyl pockets with zippers keep smaller belongings from getting lost in your large bag. Keep your undergarments where you can see them. The packing cube is made with a two-fold design that allows you to categorize your items for additional organization. The elastic straps keep clothes and belongings neat and in place so they are easy to get to, or look through. Vinyl exterior allows you to see into each cube so you are able to know where everything is quickly. Vinyl also provides easy clean up between trips (and on trips). Perfect companion to our Simplily Co. Weekender Travel tote or diaper tote bags!

    Product Highlights

    • Polyester that is sturdy enough to withstand travel
    • Zipper closure with durable double handles for easy handling
    • Two-fold design provides you the option to categorize your belongings
    • Vinyl exterior to keep belongings in order and visible
    • Two-interior vinyl pockets with zipper closure for added space
    • Two interior elastic straps to keep belongings secure and in place
    • Waterproof interior lining (BPA and phthalates free) for easy clean up
    • Bonus: vinyl card pocket for luggage label for added security


    This article was written by Rona Gindin.

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