Travel in Style: The Petite Accessories and Jewelry Roll that Fits It All

When you travel, you need choices--a change of earrings, a necklace or two for variety, rings, bracelets--it’s a pleasure to have options, right? Our Simplily Co. Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag fits it all...and it’s even small enough to tuck into your purse.

Fold the Simplily Co. Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag
into thirds, tie it with the attached ribbon, and voilà,
it’s smaller than a standard envelope!


Our bag is smaller than a sheet of paper when opened and tinier than an envelope when folded. That means you can store a bunch, slip the Roll Bag into your purse, and still easily locate every item you want!

Our tester put this to the test.
Admittedly, she’s a messy packer, yet she was thrilled
to have the ability to carry so many items on a single trip.


With six individual compartments, our Roll Bag offers more than accessibility and space. These compartments protect your dazzlers, keeping them from tangling with one another. The transparent, vinyl windows let you see the location of each piece. That’s a relief when compared to a typical jewelry bag where all the items commingle in a single space. When you’ve reached your final destination, a hook at the top of the bag makes hanging your jewelry from, say, a towel rack or shower rod, possible.

The Simplily Co. Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag
with three handbags (pictured above) is smaller than the flowered evening bag,
much smaller than the cross-body leather purse, and diminutive compared to the carry-all.


We adore the cheerful, yet sophisticated, paisley print on the bag’s exterior. It’s made of cotton with a soft, turquoise interior that infuses a subtle hint of elegance. And the price? Under $10.

The Simplily Co. Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag is a logically organized, practical, and attractive way to store your jewelry when traveling. Click here to order yours today!

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