Simplily's AMAZON PRIME Extravaganza: 30% Discounts For All!

This Amazon Prime Day treat yourself to something more than an ice cream sandwich. Like what, you ask? How about a 30% discount on new stylish, lightweight travel bags from Simplily Co.?

On July 15th and 16th join our celebration on by rewarding yourself with insulated backpacks, roomy traveler bags, hanging organizers for your dazzling accessories, and much more from Simplily Co.


The Bag For the Beach

Moms—we know your summer gets busy with the kids. But why break your back hauling two or three bags around? Easily slip those water bottles, beach toys, PB&J sandwiches, and extra clothes into one of Simplily Co.’s spacious Travel Weekender Bags.

Say “goodbye” to those sandy totes! It can be downright frustrating (not to mention—a pain to clean) when the edges of your cloth tote bag fall into the sand. But with the Weekender’s ergonomic engineering, the bag stays upright. Even when it’s empty, the Weekender won’t flop over like a dead fish. So, leave the sand at the beach and grab Simplily’s Traveler Weekender Bag.   


Insulated, Summer Fun in the Sun

Save the ice for the penguins this summer when you trade that heavy cooler for our Insulated Mini Cooler Backpack. With its aluminum-coated interior, this heat-resistant carrier is perfect for everything from long hikes in the mountains to picnics in the park.


Keep your sports drinks, watermelon slices, and snacks cold inside a sleek and quilted design. Simplily’s Insulated Mini Cooler Backpack even has a waterproof interior, making it easy to clean any spill large or small. Your drinks and food will stay cool without the wet mess of melting ice.


Don’t Miss Out!

This Amazon Prime Day, don’t miss out on making your summer easier and more stylish.

Travel 100% smart with Simplily’s 30% discount—only on, July 15th and 16th.  

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